Lord Campbell's Guitar & Organ Duet (Live Video)

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Here it is! Lord Campbell’s famous guitar solo and his battle against the masked organist. We are looking forward to hearing your feedback!

Finally, who better than Lord Campbell to describe it and unveil the identity of the person playing the organist?

“I have always thought about the way to present a guitar solo that is different from anything seen before, while giving it a visual and theatrical aspect. With my different influences – classical, rock and electro –, it became a duet and I think it’s close to my expectations. I hope you will enjoy watching this video, as much as I took pleasure in having imagined and designed it. Filmed at the Z7 in Pratteln (CH) during one of our European tours, this remains to my eyes one of my most beautiful achievements.

What I especially like in this video is the fact that I play both the guitarist and the organist. Indeed, it is actually me behind the plague doctor’s white mask in this crazy battle. This sequence with the organist, mixed with live images, was actually shot in Porrentruy (CH), on the organ of the Jesuits’ Church, by the talented production company metro prod. As you may know, it’s always important to me to highlight our region and our beautiful town of Porrentruy.

Can you imagine that this part of the show has been touring Europe four times since 2016? After that, the reactions we got were extremely positive and it is true that many fans asked for an audio and video version. Now it’s a done deal for the video!”

– Lord Campbell