Article about the live show of SILVER DUST at the MONTREUX JAZZ FESTIVAL

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Rock Cave
Silver Dust

It is a metal wind that blew on the Rock Cave on Tuesday night. The air vibrated with the sound of electric guitars and the ground shook under the vibration of the drums. Silver Dust was there to offer a real show as musical as scenic and they had a tremendous time. From the first song we understand what lies ahead for the rest of this concert: tonight's Heavy Metal!

And we must recognize that in this style, the musicians gathered under the aegis of Kiki Cretin are gifted. Even very talented. They master to perfection all the codes for the genus: ballads which unleash, guitar solos, headbanging, etc... And to top it off they have a rare thing, a true visual identity. Seeing them arriving with their long coats with gold edge and high-hat plunges us straight into the atmosphere. Just looking at their logo we feel a real graphic style and a desire for consistency in style. This is a message to millions of rock bands in the world: when you give a concert stop getting dressed in shorts, polo shirts and other plaid shirts. Without a real visual identity, you'll never be anything more than a small high school band.

That being said, and getting back to Silver Dust , they don't only take the liberty of playing more than one and a half hour (probably the most prolonged concert of the Rock Cave, to give you an idea of the extent of their repertoire), but they are good enough so that the audience requires a curtain call. All have not had that honor.

So what do they lack to go from the Rock Cave to the Lab? Not much a priori. The talent, they undeniably have it. The repertoire? This is not a problem either, with a single album they can already remain one and half hour on stage. The audience? It will gently come. They already have without doubt earn three hundred fans last night. In short they only lack a "big hit" or two played on air. But this will also come.

François Hennemann Fréquence Banane