Mr.Killjoy leaves SILVER DUST

Sunday, July 1, 2018

To our great astonishment, we recently learnt Mr.Killjoy's wish to leave SILVER DUST. Although we are surprised by such a decision, we accept it and we wish him all the best for the future. The name of the new drummer of SILVER DUST will be announced soon.

Here are a few words from Mr.Killjoy:

"Dear friends, dear fans,

It is time for me to announce some very sad and painful news. After 4 years of adventure, 87 live shows, 4 European tours, hundreds of meetings and thousands of unforgettable moments, it breaks my heart to announce you my resignation from the band Silver Dust.

It has been one of the hardest decisions of my life because the friendship and the kindness of all the people from Silver Dust have always been deep and sincere Unfortunately, I have different musical ambitions and I lack the desire to travel across Europe for further concerts. Thus, I think I do not fit Silver Dust's ambitious project anymore.

I would like to adress my sincerest apologies to all Swiss and European fans, to the whole Silver Dust team and, of course, to my friends Lord Campbell, Tiny Pistol and Kurghan for this resignation.

Of course, I am still going to support this huge project and I cannot wait to follow the progression of the band which will announce some wonderful news very soon.

Thank you all very much for these 4 years of pure craziness."

Mike / Mr.Killjoy

Photo: Stéphane Harnisch