European Tour 2018

Friday, August 10, 2018

Dear fans from all over Europe,

It's now official! It is with great honor that Silver Dust will join again LORDI for their "Sextourcism" tour!

The Finnish band EGOKILLS will be with us in October. It will be then replaced by the Swedish band FOLLOW THE CIPHER in November.

We will be on the road from October 9th to November 28th for more than 30 dates across Europe. We are very happy to be soon able to present our album concept, "House 21", that will be released everywhere in Europe on October 5th.

For our Swiss fans, the tour will stop in Buchs on November 3rd, in Pratteln on November 23rd and will end with a gig in Sion on November 28th, this time as opening act of CORELEONI, the band formed by the guitarist of GOTTHARD, Leo Leoni.

In addition, our new drummer will be presented in the coming days. We promise you a nice surprise as he is no one else than a great talent formed by Diego Rappachietti, drummer of the mythical band CORONER.

We look forward to meeting you all again!